Summer Hobbies and Activities

Summer Hobbies and ActivitiesSummer Hobbies and ActivitiesDuring the summer, I like to just do my own thing. Playing video games, wathcing TV, all that stuff. Recently, I found an anime I'm kind of into called Squid Girl. Unlike any anime I've seen before. It's cool, funny, and shows interesting characters. I'm also really into Disney Channel. A.N.T Farm, JESSIE, Good Luck Charlie, Shake it Up, Dog with a Blog. Good stuff.

I also do a little drawing. I'm coming up with ideas for comic books I write for Mario, Kirby, and PAC-MAN. And Flipnote 3D could be just a few days away...

But no matter what I do, it doesn't top the annual summer trips I have. I'm always going to these great places. Here's where I've been last year:



It's a really great place! I'd recommend it!

I guess I just enjoy being at a hotel. Great Wolf Lodge is even more.

Putting it all simply, summer is a time of enjoyment. That's how it feels to me.